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Invitation: Press rally 2019

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Dear colleague,

We hereby invite you to the XXIV Press rally Klaipėda–Liepaja 2019.

Participants of the international rally will start on May 31 in Klaipėda and finish next day in Liepaja. Rally participants will make about 250 kilometres in Lithuania and Latvia. Gokart tracks, large parking lots and other racing tracks will be tarmac.

There are three categories for Press rally participants:

  • Sport
  • Tourism
  • Historical cars

Participants of Press rally’s Tourism and Historical groups will avoid racing and compete only in tourism and orientating games. Participants of Press rally‘s Sport group will race in slaloms and race tracks.

Racing cars must be eligible to drive on the road and be insured. The insurance must be liable in Lithuania. The crew must have safety helmets. First driver must be a journalist and be able to prove it.

Journalists pay only part of the fee, the other part is compensated by the journalist autoclub of Lithuania. Special starting fee for journalist crew is €100 until April 30. On May 1-20 the starting fee is €120. Price for VIP group participants is €300, historical – €250.

Organizers will provide two nights in, meal, award ceremony, all race tracks and judges. Please fill the entry form (click here to download (historic rally entrants – click here) and send it to Roma Baliene:, +370 698 82739. If you have any further questions, please contact Paulius Sviklas:, +370 686 23221.